Xara Menu Maker and Front Page

Validating Your Xara Menu in FrontPage

Are you using Xara's Menu Maker program for your site navigation? Once you have inserted the menu and have it looking and functioning the way you want, have you tried to validate your page? Download Xara Menu Maker and FrontPage in pdf format.

This is a screenshot of the original code inserted by Xara Menu Maker

Screenshot Xara  MenuMaker original code.

When you  try and validate the page, you will receive 6 error messages, all having to do with the menu. This assumes you have no other validation errors on your page.

If you change the code to read

Screenshot Xara Menu Javascript Code.

the page then validates.

As you can see by the screenshot, both menus appear the same - the top one does not validate, the bottom one does.

Screenshot Xara MenuMaker Menus.

NOTE: When using a javascript menu, you should also provide a text based navigation system as I have done at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of Alternate Text Menu.

This page contains the original code inserted by Xara Menu Maker and has 6 validation errors.

This page contains the javascript code for the Xara menu. This page validates.

If you try and validate both pages, you will see the difference.

Once you have changed the code on your page so that it validates, you can no longer access the Xara Menu program from within your page. To get around this, what I have done is save the original code in a new document and save it as xara-menu.htm. I use THAT page to make any changes to the menu.

Pat Geary.
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