Monroe NYS Welcomes you!

See the descriptions below for the many things Monroe NYS has to offer! All of the many records and information you will find on this site relate directly to Monroe County, New York. This is an ongoing project. Additions to the information already available will be made as often as possible so if you don't find what you are looking for today, come back again!


Civil War Rosters

Find your ancestor listed among  the many who fought to preserve the Union! Regiment, dates of enlistment and discharge, death dates and much more all listed right here!

Baptismal Records

Transcribed directly from microfilm copies of Rochester Diocesan  Records, find out the full name of your ancestors, exact birth  date, baptismal date, names of their parents and sponsors. Additional information in SOME  records.

1877 Monroe County Map

See Monroe County as it was in 1877! A beautifully detailed  map of the county indicating  roads, waterways and railroads, towns, cities and villages.

Photo Gallery

Find a photo or an illustration of one of your ancestors or perhaps of their home! See what  Rochester and Monroe County looked like in the times of our  ancestors!

Marriage Records

Transcribed directly from microfilm copies of Rochester Diocesan Records, find out the  date of marriage, parents names and in some cases, the location of birth for your ancestors.

Death Records

Transcribed directly from microfilm copies of Rochester Diocesan Records, find out the  date of death for one of your ancestors.

Cemetery Records

Cemetery transcriptions and  information from Holy Sepulchre Cemetery with a small number from  Mt. Hope Cemetery from my own research. Also see the photo galleries for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.  Several of the transcribed burials were also photographed.

1877 Monroe County Business Directory

If your ancestors worked in a  trade, owned a business or were otherwise employed in some  profession, perhaps you will find them listed here. Includes  Rochester and all of Monroe County, listed separately by each town and village.

Monroe County New York History

Learn about the history of Monroe County and what it was like during the years that our ancestors lived there.  Also find out about many of it's residents through the many biographical sketches that are included.

Please visit My Family Genealogy Pages!

Perhaps you will make a connection! I am always happy to make new connections! My Family Pages are a combined effort. Several cousins and researchers have been kind enough to agree to have their research combined with mine to fully illustrate all the various connections. Please see the individual family pages by following the links below to find out more about each family and the contributors to each database.

Dietz, Statt & Meng Horn Schnell
Engert Hahn Stephany
Faust Köhler Vogel
Gertner Rampe Wattel