Genealogy Web Creations Portfolio

I first started working on a genealogy website in 1997. I uploaded the first site to GeoCities where it remained for quite a few years. When RootsWeb Freepages offered free website hosting for genealogy pages, I moved the site to those servers. As I learned more about website design and wanted to try new things I decided it was time to move to paid hosting where I could experiment with the new things I was learning. This site was originally part of my It has since been moved to it's own domain  It is laid out using css positioning.  You can visit all sites as they are today.

If you would like some help designing and laying out your genealogy website, please feel free to contact me at I do this on a strictly volunteer basis.

Pat Geary.

Genealogy Web Creations Portfolio
Transcribing Monumental Inscriptions.
This site is laid out using a table based layout with an external style sheet. You can visit Transcribing Monumental Inscriptions live. This site is owner maintained.
Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor Women's Institute.

This site is also using a table for layout with an external style sheet. Visit Kingston Bagpuize with Southmoor Women's Institute! This site is owner maintained.
Monroe County New York Records.
The Monroe County New York Records site also uses a table based layout with external style sheet. The thumbnail does not show the entire page. This site is owner maintained.

Original Genealogy Site at GeoCities.
My original genealogy site originally hosted by GeoCities. It has undergone numerous revisions until it is as you see it today.

Family Genealogy Site.
This is my genealogy site today. I both own and maintain it. Visit Family Genealogy - Geary, Jewel, Tucker, and Little Family Genealogy.
Original site for

This is the original site I designed for our church. It to has evolved over the years. It used a table based layout.

Current site for Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harrisonburg Virginia.
This is the current site newly revised. It uses an external style sheet and css for positioning. Visit the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harrisonburg Virginia

House of Oak & Sofas Original Site.
This is my first venture into working on a commercial site. The House of Oak & Sofas is a local furniture store. The site had a flash page as the entrance to the site and used frames within the site.
Current site for House of Oak & Sofas.
The current site uses a css based layout. I redesigned and maintain the site. Visit House of Oak & Sofas live.

This site has been revised again with a commercially developed template. I still maintain the site and update it.
Screenshot DeWitt County GenWeb original site.

The county coordinator contacted my about helping with revising and updating the DeWitt County GenWeb site. It is a large site (500+ pages). I agreed to help, created a template for the inside pages as well as the entry page, created a logo for the site, moved formatting to an external style sheet as well as using SSI's for the menus and footer. This is an ongoing project. Original site is shown above, the revised site below.

Screenshot revised Dewitt County GenWeb.

Screenshot IMFA Website.

International Molyneux Family Association - revised the template, created a logo, cleaned up the html coding and moved all formatting to external style sheet. Revised all pages and added the 20 year set of newsletters. This site is now being maintainer by the Association.

Screenshot - Waxhaws in the Carolinas.

Welcome to the Waxhaws - This site was using multiple templates, all styling was within the html coding. All styles were moved to an external style sheet, code cleaned up so that it validated and a site wide navigation system added. Site now validates and is owner maintained.

Lydia contacted me about helping her share the story of six amazing children who were residents of the early Ramey Children's Home and their survival. I developed a site for her. Ramey Children's Home and the Waugh Children. Additional sites I have created and maintain are available on our sister site Expression Web Tutorials & Templates.