Planning a Genealogy Website EBook 2nd Edition

Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition by Pat Geary Microsoft MVP Expression Web is a FREE 42 page EBook. The EBook is a great resource for anyone who is interested in creating a genealogy website especially if you are using RootsWeb hosting. It has been revised and updated with several entirely new sections. The Table of Contents is listed below. This Ebbok is FREE and my gift to the genealogy community.

The EBook is in pdf format. format and zipped for easier download. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the EBook.

Table of Contents

  • About the Author - Pat Geary
  • Planning a genealogy website?
    • Phase One: Gathering Information
      • Purpose of Your Web Site
      • Audience for your Web Site
      • Content of a Genealogy Web Site
    • Phase Two: Planning
      • Organizing Your Genealogy Web Site
      • Phase Three: Design
    • Phase Four: Development
      • Choose Your Web Editor
    • Phase Five: Testing and Publishing
      • Testing Your Site
      • Hosting your site
      • Publishing Your Site
    • Phase Six: Maintenance
    • Additional Articles
    • FreePages Resources
  • Organize your genealogy website
  • Creating a New Website
    • A few things to remember before we get started
    • Genealogy Templates and Graphics
    • Create a new website
    • Before publishing your site
  • Customizing Your Web Site
    • Using custom 404 pages
    • Use include files for repeating content
    • Create a site map
    • Include a consistent footer
    • Use a consistent navigation system
    • Add a Search Box
    • Link to your Genealogy Database at WorldConnect
  • Publishing your Genealogy Website
    • Publishing to RootsWeb or FreePages servers
    • Using FileZilla to Publish to RootsWeb Servers
      • Configuring Site Manager
        • General Tab
        • Advanced Tab
        • Transfer Settings
        • Charset Tab
      • Publishing Using FileZilla
      • Additional Resources
  • Maintaining Your Genealogy Website
    • Keeping Your Site Up-to-Date
    • Helpful Links
  • RootsWeb WorldConnect Project
    • Searchable Databases
    • What is a GEDCOM file?
    • Creating a GEDCOM file
    • Submitting Your Family Tree
      • Standard Setup Form Options
      • Advanced Setup Form Options
    • Accessing WorldConnect for Editing
    • Adding some style to your Family Tree
      • Header Code
      • Footer Code
    • Displaying Images and Hyperlinks within WorldConnect Databases
    • Configure Your WorldConnect Settings
      • Adding Photographs and Hyperlinks to GEDCOM Files
    • Resources
  • Getting Started with RootsWeb FreePages
    • Request Your Account
    • Getting Started On Your Site
  • Using RootsWeb File Manager
    • Using the File Upload Utility

Download your FREE copy of Planning a Genealogy Website 2nd Edition in pdf format. format and zipped for easier download. You will need the free Adobe Reader to view the EBook.

Pat Geary.
Copyright © 2011 Pat Geary of Genealogy Web Creations, All Rights Reserved
Written and Published January 2009
Revised and Updated February 2011