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An e-book (also: eBook, ebook) is an electronic (or digital) version of a book. While none of the EBooks I have listed is specifically geared to genealogy websites, each of the books are ones I both own and have used extensively in building websites. Some of the books are FREE for download and I have indicated which those are.

General Web Design

HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified by S. R. Emerson

HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified E-book.Learn Basic HTML at your own speed. Make your own web page using basic html tags with ease. Make your own web page with clean compliant code viewable by all on the Internet. HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified contains over 130 pages of theory, exercises and additional resources complete with over 85 images to help you along the way. Available for $19.99.

Expression Web EBooks

Setting up Expression Web 1.0 Ebook by Tina Clarke

Screenshot Setting Up Expression Web E-book.Setting up  Expression Web correctly from the beginning will save you a lot of time, be sure to download this FREE ebook and start off the Right Way. This ebook is F REE! Work through the following selections to set up Expression Web and enjoy working correctly from the start. Page Editor Options - General Tab Page Editor Options - CSS Tab Page Editor Options - Code Formatting Tab Page Editor Options - IntelliSense Tab Optimize HTML

Setting up Expression Web 2.0 Ebook by Tina Clarke

Picture of Cover of Setting up Expression Web 2 E-book.By Setting up Expression Web you set the parameters by which you design your web sites, taking the time now, saves you grief in the future. Expression Web setup the right way can enhance your design experience and not only help guide you in the use of CSS but warn you of html errors as you create your template design and content. We have written this new Setting up ebook about Expression Web 2.0 as there are new features and settings that you need to be aware of. One in particular might have you confused as to what is happening unless you un-tick a certain selection set by default. This ebook is F REE!

Setting up Expression Web 3.0 Ebook by Tina Clarke

Picture of Cover of Setting up Expression Web 3E-book.The defaults in Expression Web 3.0 are starting to resemble Tina's recommendations, however there are new things you need to be aware if you have used the previous versions. It also is a good idea to become familiar with the settings as to why you should be using them if you have not used Expression Web before. This eBook is FREE!

Free Setting up Expression Web 4.0 Ebook by Tina Clarke

Setting Up Expression Web 4 EBook.There have been some subtle changes and its well worth reading the ebook to gain a in-depth knowledge of the settings that will affect how you work with Expression Web. This goes a long way to providing the basis of starting your design experience with as little fuss as possible. 

Expression Web DWT Ebook by Tina Clarke

Expression Web DWT E-book.This essential FREE Expression Web DWT Ebook shows you all the tips and tricks you need to know to ensure a trouble free implementation of your Expression Web Dynamic Web Templates. For instance did you know you need to put editables around your metas to ensure they are not overwritten? See this free ebook by Tina Clarke - Microsoft MVP  - FrontPage to help guide you through step by step the Right Way.

Free Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBook 2nd Edition by Pat Geary Web (February 2013 )

Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBook.The title says it all Expression Web 4 Tutorials from Install to Publish and More. I'll take you through installing Expression Studio Web Professional (the official name) and setting up the program, to creating your first site and page right through to publishing. At the end I throw in some extras.

Expression Web Tips Ebook - Volume One

Expression Web Tips E-book by Tina Clarke.26 original Expression Web Tips Ebook brought to you in this first volume. Available now for the low launch price of $7. These EW Tips will help you design and create your web sites. Learn the tricks of the trade now.

Expression Web Tips Ebook - Volume Two

Expression Web Tips Vol II Ebook.26 brand new Expression Web Tips in this Expression Web Tips Vol ll Ebook is written and published by Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP - FrontPage alongside selected guest authors This Ebook comes with the bonus Expression Web Query "Find and Replace any border size" with Tip 49.

NOTE:  You can also buy both Any Expression Web Tips Ebooks in a bundle for $13.


Launching a Word Press Blog Edition 2.0 by Tina Clarke and Pat Geary

Picture of Launching a WordPress Blog EBook.This FREE eBook is focused on giving a guideline on installing WordPress on your own host with your own domain or a sub-domain. It is intended as a beginner's ebook and covers the basics. Some more advanced techniques are included. It is essential that you start  with Getting started with a WP Blog and follow step by step each page.  Tick off each step as you go so you know you are following along. Having been through this process we have found this is truly the best way forward.

FrontPage EBooks

DWT - Dynamic Web Template FrontPage 2003 by Tina Clarke

DWT - Dynamic Web Template FrontPage 2003 E-book.DWTs are just what you have been looking for to save you TIME and EFFORT when making your site. This E-book will take you through the stages of preparing a site that is already made in order to implement the creation and attachment of a DWT. It runs through any problems your likely to have in the troubleshooting section and outlines the DWT  guidelines if you wish to use them. This comprehensive and detailed e-book is a must have! When you have finished your site will be a masterpiece in time management. This is e-book is the first in a series to be created by Tina Clarke for your enjoyment, what have you got to lose it's FREE!

FrontPage Tips Ebook - Volume One & Two

FrontPage Tips E-book by Tina Clarke.FrontPage Tips Ebook by Tina Clarke. Microsoft MVP - FrontPage. Each volume consisting of 26 Tips that all cover FrontPage 2003 but most still encompass the older versions 98, 2000 and 2002. At the price of $5 each or both books for $9. it's a bargain not to be missed.