Peaks of Otter Template


Header Graphic Image from Pat Geary. Photograph taken at Peaks of Otter Lodge, Bedford, Virginia.

You may use any of my free templates for non-commercial purposes (personal sites, non-profit organizations, etc.). I do require that you keep the credit link on all pages.

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This is a fixed width template. At 800x600 there should be no horizontal scroll. However at this resolution you will see very little of the green background. At higher resolutions you will see more of the green body background but the menus and content will remain the same size. Both the style sheet and the template validate. The page was coded using an XHTML Transitional doctype. This template is based on one of the layouts from Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web, a program that is no longer available.

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Picture of Green Color Pallette.Editable regions in the dwt include the doctitle, description, keywords, and the main content area. If you want the Credits box to change from page to page, you will need to create an editable region for that area.

Any of the areas including the left side navigation can be changed to includes if you want them to change from section to section. The to site name div at the top is not an editable region as it is assumed your site name will go there and your h1 tag will be within your content area.

The screenshot of the color palette shows the application of the class imgrgt. The is also a style to float images to the left. 

The package includes this sample index page, a dwt, and a plain template in case you are not using FrontPage or Expression Web. All images are included. Download the Peaks of Otter template package.

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